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AXIS started in 2017 with a desire to change the
AXIS started in 2017 with a desire to change the energy and focus of how projects are built.
energy and focus of how projects are built.
AXIS Construction Group

AXIS Construction Group is a pivotal construction company that offers a slightly different and innovative service to clientele. Not only is AXIS able to deliver quality projects, but we are able to be reactive to any requirements that may arise within uniquely designed or phased construction projects. AXIS provides a dedicated staff with experience to deliver these projects in a timely manner, on budget, with a lean approach while also focusing attention to quality, safety and sustainability. Let AXIS be your partner to deliver your future construction needs.

"As superintendent at the Santa Fe School District, our challenge was replacing HVAC mechanical systems and a complete retrofit of our existing (flat roofs), which were falling extensively. We needed new, sloped metal roofing systems, along with the accompanied structural and electrical components of such retrofit-type projects. We chose AXIS because of their ambition, responsiveness during the selection process, genuine demeanor and general eagerness to succeed. They looked me in the eye, promised me they would exceed my expectations and that is exactly what they did. I credit the AXIS team’s ambition, integrity, communication, work ethic and refusal to fail for the incredible success we experienced with our project."

Derek Lark, Superintendent
Santa Fe School District

Elliott Heitman
ELLIOTT HEITMAN A Northland native, Elliott received his Associate of Science degree in Business Management from Maple Woods and became certified in Construction Estimating. As a teenager, he began working in construction and worked from a laborer to being a superintendent. With 20+ years’ experience in all faucets of the construction industry, Elliott is proven leader. Elliott’s role at AXIS has primarily been focused on project development and executive administration.
Jason Burke
JASON BURKE Jason received his Bachelor of Science degree in Construction Management from the University of Central Missouri. As a young man Jason grew up working in a cabinet shop and learning Carpentry from his Grandfather. . Prior to starting AXIS, Jason spent 15 years as a commercial Superintendent. Jason’s role at AXIS is leading the field operations and project management teams.